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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Armageddon recap (all the way to hell)

Beirut- AFP
Let's try to recap all what happened in Lebanon during the month of May 2012, maybe we can understand madness...

1- "007" Arrest operation of a certain Shadi Moulawi, in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, from the social bureau of Mr Safadi (MP and Minister), allegedly accused of being a Qaeda activist, offering help to Syrian rebels.

2- Big demonstrations on the main square of the city by a group of angry Islamists demanding his immediate release "or else". Tents quickly put in the streets for a likely long sit-in.

3-Burning tires and closed streets all over the country.

4-Few hours later, clashes between everlasting enemies/brothers in 2 streets of high poverty and illiteracy starts. Alevis and Sunnis. The infamous Bab El Tabbaneh and Jabal Muhsen set on fire.

5-Heavy gun fire with elaborated costly weapons in the hands of people living under poverty line(2$/day), kids aged 10 and 12 armed and proud to "defend" their streets from intruders, left the city in a state of shock.

6-Army starts interfering. Snipers shoot passers by, victims on all sides, sit-in still active.

7-Hatred statements by some local leaders and religious illuminated souls. Army still calming down the game and entering hot neighborhoods.

8-Just as things seemed to start to wrap up, Bahrein, Qatar and UAE, simultaneously order their citizens to refrain from coming to Lebanon, and invite those here to leave (...).

9-Threats by "angry" "citizens" to bring the country down if Moulawi is not released.

10-Morning after, two opposing groups got the permission to have 2 opposite demonstrations in Halba (20 minutes away from Tripoli clashes), remembering a 2008 (May 7 clashes) sad chapter, where some people were savagely killed by other people savagely attacked (as they say). Bad timing, bad decision.

11-On an Army check point, something still unclear happened, shooting started and a Sunni Sheikh and his companion died on the spot, shot by the army, while on their way to one of the demonstrations. Both demonstrations cancelled.

Akkar-Credit Al-Akhbar
12-All Akkar and North Lebanon set on fire with anger. Revenge is the only demand. Blood versus blood.

13-Burning tires all over the country.Blocked streets.

14-Calls and talks, live coverage, open investigation...

15-Angry Islamists want their long time prisoners (without trial), in Roumieh prison, out, as a compensation, along with Moulawi.


16- Out of nowhere, Beirut, Tariq Jdideh, lives a wild surrealist night. Clashes erupt between two Sunni fractions. One accusing a man and his group of being an intruder, unwelcome with his "different" ideas in the neighborhood( allegedly Shia Hizbullah sympathetic). I don't know why, but they decided to kick him out, using RPGs and heavy weapons. Beirut on fire.

17-Again, burning tires all around (plus garbage boxes closing the streets).

18-Other Lebanese people like myself, spent the night watching a real XBOX, Nintendo DS and PS3 war game live on TV, until 4 AM in the morning. Army stayed out of the game for hours before deciding to play and restore order.

19-Morning after: calm. Burned houses and cars. But the "unwanted" guy was out, declaring: "I'll be back!"

20-Barely realizing the situation and trying to link things together, Lebanese got another surprise...


21-Moulawi was out! Released by Judge with a 500,000LL bail. He got back to Tripoli in MP Safadi's own car. Received a "hero"welcome by all. Oh he was just helping refugees here, his people claimed. Sit-in ended.

Tripoli- Reuters
22-Moulawi, a new public figure, a new face of heroism is born.


23-Few hours later, breaking news: 11 Shia pilgrims coming back from Iran by land, kidnapped in Syria.

24-Burning tires all over the country. Streets blocked.

25-Long night waiting for the plane carrying the women pilgrims, released, while men still held hostages.

26-Seemingly calm day (finally), became just a mirage, when a clash erupted in USJ university, between Hezbollah (Shia) and Kataeb (Christian) students. Army interfering. Quick action from all to calm down the dangerous game.


27-A breaking news: car bombing in Iraq hits a Lebanese pilgrims bus, killing 3 Shia women, and a dozen wounded...

28-Burning tires and few streets blocked.

29- Few blocks away, a gathering in Ashrafieh in support of the Lebanese Army, after the many accusations by some political groups. (No tires involved).

30- Three people shot one dead, in their shop, over a 47$ bill.

31- Burning tires. Streets blocked.

32- Night gala: Caracas, Hamra, Beirut. Four people started a fight with guns and hand grenades, terrorizing the neighborhood. Army interfere. Long night. Three security and army people shot...

33- Still no news from kidnapped pilgrims.
34- No one asking to disarm civilians.
35-Arms back to closets until tomorrow or the day after.
36-Kids back to schools for final exams, or to streets for final fight.
37-Kuwait joining other Gulf countries and not coming to Lebanon for summer.
38- ...Will keep you posted when I get number 38.

I tried. I really tried. I tried to link things. I tried to understand. I feel alienated. I feel silly. Did you understand a thing? because the only image I see, is that I lost a country. I lost a Nation. I lost hope.

R.I.P. the Nation

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


What's bitching?

-Bitching is when you keep saying you're aware of your leader's faults and can't find one single mistake he did.
-Bitching is when you deny that your leader has something to do with your bad situation today.
-Bitching is when you desperately try to find silly explanations to his actions.
-Bitching is when your leader is not in power, he convinces you that he was a better leader.
-Bitching is when you keep saying you accept the others because your are the good guy.
-Bitching is when you keep saying women are equal but they are all bitches.
-Bitching is when you keep saying men are great but have their brain between their legs.
-Bitching is when you keep saying yes to woman education but no to equal chances at work.
-Bitching is when you keep saying men have no place in education and nag about their lack of involvement in it.
-Bitching is when you live wild with all available girls and refuse to marry an experienced one.
-Bitching is when you pretend you don't care for appearance and feel disgusted by people different from you.
-Bitching is when you say we're all equal and add your "BUT" before bitching on others.
-Bitching is when you encourage revolutions and stay on your couch doing nothing but wait for change, clicking 'LIKE' on your Facebook.
-Bitching is when you know a bad attitude, and decide to be a bystander.
-Bitching is when you talk about humanity for hours and dehumanize your housekeeper.
-Bitching is when you pretend to be something you're not.

-Bitching is not a fornication action, it is a fornicating thought.

-Bitching is not a gender issue, it's a human dark side.

-Bitching is an art we all master. And yes, it's the oldest one alive!