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Sunday, October 21, 2012




I pressed the button.
Kaboom! I saw it go off. Bam!
Felt so strong. Felt so proud. I did it.
I watched the moment of silence that followed.
I stopped time for few seconds. Then everything started to collapse, people started to moan.
I walked away calmly. Tried to play scared on my way out. No one saw me, everybody was shocked, everybody was in disbelief.
If it wasn’t for my security, I would have told them I did it. I wanted so much to show off. To say I’m the one who stopped time. But as planned, I had to run quick, and reach my hiding spot before leaving this place.

Kaboom! The sounds and images keep playing in my head!
Kaboom! I broke lives.
Kaboom! I killed an "enemy".
Kaboom! What will follow is my aim.
Kaboom! I proved my beliefs.
Kaboom! I killed the threat.
Kaboom! And few more with him. Who cares?
Kaboom! The price to pay for my beliefs.
Kaboom! They will become numbers with time. They will be the same old victims. Kaboom! Who cares?
Kaboom! I killed some kids. I can live with that knowing I reached “him”, I eliminated “him”.
Kaboom! The plan has been executed.
Kaboom! I did it for the "cause".
Kaboom! Sometimes we have to sacrifice lives along. Don't they all say that?
Kaboom! Now reactions are just as expected.
Kaboom!  They are calling for hate.
Kaboom! All over again.
Kaboom! So predictable.
Kaboom,! Right where we want them to be.
Kaboom! They started to fight.
Kaboom! They will be more and more divided.
Kaboom! Some will try to calm the game, but Kaboom again no one will listen.
Kaboom! Been there before.
Kaboom! I will win my case.
Kaboom! I pushed the button of hate.
Kaboom! Revived their trauma again.
Kaboom! They will answer as expected.
Kaboom! I stopped time, stole lives, ruined others. Took an eye, took an arm or a leg. Took a home.
Kaboom! Now they will fight who owns martyrs fallen on the ground. Will use them, shrink them.
Kaboom! Hate is so easy to trigger: one button. Ask me, I know.
Kaboom! They hate me, but will never find me. I'll be either dead or away. Who cares?
Kaboom!  Dead or alive, I win. I rest my case.