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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Discours de remise de diplômes Melkart 2011

Excellence, Chers Directeurs,
Chers professeurs, Chers parents et amis,
Chers diplômés,
Puisque nous sommes entre adultes, ce soir, laissez-moi vous dire un secret. En grandissant, nous perdons quatre atouts, pour notre grand malheur.
- Le premier atout perdu, est tout simplement la bonne façon de respirer, et elle se perd dès l’âge de 3 ans. Si vous ne me croyez pas, observez un bébé respirer : il se remplit d’air jusqu’au ventre, il prend son temps. Et cela emmène le renouvellement à chaque cellule de son corps.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I love me!

Very pretentious title you may say. But this is not about being selfish, egocentric and narcissus. It is about a simple dosed fact one should know in order to love the world. Start your day by looking at your reflect in the mirror for few seconds and say: I'm looking good today, or, I'm looking happy today, or, I'm looking tired today...whatever the feeling may be, look at it, accept it, and if it's not a positive one, once you see it, you'll improve it.
Love what you are, you are exceptional, you are one of a kind. There's only one you in this world, enjoy this wonderful fact.
Love the work you do, give credit to yourself, you deserve it.
Love the effort you make everyday to work things out, you deserve it.
Love the health you have, you are lucky!
Love the voice you have, it is a precious tool to use positively.
Love your eyes, your ears, your mouth, love your hands your legs, and see how much you need them and how much they help you in silence.
Love yourself. It's simple, give yourself what you deserve: respect.
When you do so, you'll love the people around you, you'll give them credit, you'll respect them more.
When you do so, you'll be positive, outgoing, optimistic, gentle, respectful...

So come on, say it: I love me! I'm unique, and I'm loving it!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

12 obstacles of communication

Communication is an active and sensitive procedure. We take it for granted. IT ISN'T. Have a look on the 12 obstacles of communication below, and you'll be amazed how often we use these obstacles when communicating...especially with kids.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New government for a country of men

We finally have a government! "We"?, sorry, I mean, THEY have a new government. Because it seems we do not exist.

    It took very clever people called politicians (creatures claiming to know better what's best for you and me), five months of bargain, of shouting on TVs what's good or wrong, what's best to "serve" the country, five months of doing live maths 10+1+2+6+3+2+2...Sounds simple to a foreign eye. Not when you know the fraction hiding behind each number.
    Anyway, to cut a long story short, we spent 5 months watching a live circus featuring the wildest shows from all parties (no exception).
    Now we have a government. Some people are happy, some started to take the dust of their prepared opposition speeches, and they are quick. Not very creative though.

     Not surprising, this new government is a macho one, no women allowed, no women abroad, no women good enough to suit their standards...
     We, women, do not exist here in Lebanon. We are an illusion, an optical illusion, we are pictures in magazines, on the streets, we are images on TVs and voices on radio. That's it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visite au Caire de l’après révolution. Voyage au coeur du changement

    Un nouveau jour se lève sur le pays du Nil. Un vent nouveau balaie le sable et les âmes assouppies pendant des décenies, et souffle vie dans les murs et les pavés.
 A ceux qui croient avoir visité l’Egypte, ce nouveau pays vous dit: venez voir la gloire de ce peuple pour en tomber inéluctablement amoureux.

    Mars 2011, deux mois jour pour jour depuis le début de la révolution du 25 janvier. Ce n’est pas ma première visite au pays, mais une visite remise plusieurs fois vu la situation qui a prit le monde par surprise. Après des semaines passées scotchée comme vous devant ma télé, je décide enfin de prendre cet avion pour mes rendez-vous de travail et pour revoir mes amis devenus des incollables de la Place Tahrir.

Three major gifts we loose with time and experience

After working in media and communication for years, I came to discover that surprisingly we loose three major gifts while growing up. This loss affects our way of dealing with conflicts or daily situations in our lives drastically.
-Until the age of three, we breathe in a healthy way: we fill our lungs and our stomach with air, then we exhale it (try to watch a baby breathing). At the age of three, we loose this gift. We start filling our lungs only, the reason is not clear to me yet. But society, stress and fear have a lot to do. What difference does it make?