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Monday, June 20, 2011

I love me!

Very pretentious title you may say. But this is not about being selfish, egocentric and narcissus. It is about a simple dosed fact one should know in order to love the world. Start your day by looking at your reflect in the mirror for few seconds and say: I'm looking good today, or, I'm looking happy today, or, I'm looking tired today...whatever the feeling may be, look at it, accept it, and if it's not a positive one, once you see it, you'll improve it.
Love what you are, you are exceptional, you are one of a kind. There's only one you in this world, enjoy this wonderful fact.
Love the work you do, give credit to yourself, you deserve it.
Love the effort you make everyday to work things out, you deserve it.
Love the health you have, you are lucky!
Love the voice you have, it is a precious tool to use positively.
Love your eyes, your ears, your mouth, love your hands your legs, and see how much you need them and how much they help you in silence.
Love yourself. It's simple, give yourself what you deserve: respect.
When you do so, you'll love the people around you, you'll give them credit, you'll respect them more.
When you do so, you'll be positive, outgoing, optimistic, gentle, respectful...

So come on, say it: I love me! I'm unique, and I'm loving it!

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