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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New government for a country of men

We finally have a government! "We"?, sorry, I mean, THEY have a new government. Because it seems we do not exist.

    It took very clever people called politicians (creatures claiming to know better what's best for you and me), five months of bargain, of shouting on TVs what's good or wrong, what's best to "serve" the country, five months of doing live maths 10+1+2+6+3+2+2...Sounds simple to a foreign eye. Not when you know the fraction hiding behind each number.
    Anyway, to cut a long story short, we spent 5 months watching a live circus featuring the wildest shows from all parties (no exception).
    Now we have a government. Some people are happy, some started to take the dust of their prepared opposition speeches, and they are quick. Not very creative though.

     Not surprising, this new government is a macho one, no women allowed, no women abroad, no women good enough to suit their standards...
     We, women, do not exist here in Lebanon. We are an illusion, an optical illusion, we are pictures in magazines, on the streets, we are images on TVs and voices on radio. That's it.
We come from another planet, we live somewhere, but definitely not in Lebanon. Otherwise how do you explain this absence?

I have no clue how men politicians manage to do it on their own, but seems they are so well equipped that they are androgynes!
Aren't they something? look at them! so independent, so clever, so wise!

Don't get me wrong if you think you caught me taking the old government side who had two women on board...
Because in this wonderland, you have to be the "widow of", the "daughter of ", "the political party member of" to dare dream that someday, IF coincidence collides with miracle, you MIGHT have a tiny place in a government.

    I guess the poor guys try hard each time, they really look for women, they beg for help, but we're either transparent or or really hard to get!
    My country has no real clever and capable women, only men, very clever men who proved themselves over and over again, history is their witness!

My country is a wonderland of lonely narrow minded, patriarcal bunch of poor guys, hailed by men and WOMEN!

PS: Thank you Mira Daher for being upset on fb!

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  1. Just nominate yourself for the next elections and I will be more than glad to vote for you Tanya :)