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Monday, July 11, 2011

My daily bread...

This is something I have to share...Love this Chinese saying:

-"Do not bring down the bridge behind your opponent if you want him to withdraw."

When in conflict, your opponent is trying to come forward with his ideas or position. If you destroy his dignity, his respect, his esteem, he will have no other choice but moving forward, towards you, and he'll try to destroy you in return...

So when in conflict, remember to leave a small path for the other to withdraw on... And remember that we see the world from our personal point of view, and that doesn't necessarily mean we're the only ones to be right, and have the truth.
Leave a space for your opponent to withdraw, but leave this space, or path, especially for you, in case you were wrong...

Build bridges, don't bring them down.


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  2. Dear Albert,

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