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Monday, January 23, 2012

“Demoligion” schizophrenic symptom

I’m not the sick one! You are!
I have no schizophrenia, you do!
I’m on the right side, you’re on the other one!
I will be in heaven watching you burn in hell!

If you have a democracy, I have created the demo-ligion, a fine blend of democracy and religion (as I see it), where I choose what suits me when needed.

In my Demoligion, everything is special.
I vote again and again for the same people. I know my vote “makes a difference”, but I choose to keep things as they are. It’s more fun to have topics for nagging all year long.
In my Demoligion, you won’t find a woman deputy or minister, unless she comes from a political family and she must wait until someone dies or gets killed before dreaming of getting a political career. And that only happens in very few places,  because most of the time, she wouldn’t dare put her nose outside her kitchen!

Oh, and talking about women, in my Demoligion, I send women to schools and even to universities, sometimes, since we’re members of the general assembly of the UN. I even let them work (sometimes again), but we all know they will end up becoming wives and moms, we all know they’re simple minded not to say silly and dumb... I don’t welcome them on the market once married, (unless as consumers), I don’t believe in their capacities, I don’t pay them equally, I get rid of them as soon as they become moms, either directly or by pushing them to the edge.

"The Frightened Woman" movie
In my Demoligion, I take what I need from equity of democracy, but I get married according to my religion. Hey, between my religion and democracy, the choice is easy.
 My religion makes me the boss, the one who decides for her life, her kids, her sexuality, her heritage, her look, her hair, I even can rape her with impunity!
 Do you really believe I will give all that away for democracy? I know you would love to be in my shoes!

In my Demoligion, I teach my kids to hate before loving, I teach them that we’re the chosen ones, I teach them to hit back when aggressed, I beat them if they  dare to cry. I make sure they obey my religion, my political opinion, before their country laws and citizenship. I teach them to hate MY enemy. Their opinion will only be the perpetuation of mine!

In my Demoligion, “public space” means “dump, swamp, landfill”. Hey, we’re paying those foreign workers to do something. Civic attitude is what I insist on receiving, but when it comes to giving, well, that’s another story.

In my Demoligion, the most popular quotes and sayings are:
“After my donkey, I don’t care if no grass grow”
“Kiss and curse the hand that you can’t overcome”
“Welcome to the neighborhood of each for oneself”
“Women are like carpets, they need to be beaten to be fine again”
“One hundred women brains equal the brain of a mad chicken”
Inspiring huh?

In my Demoligion, I believe in my religion (as I see it, because I choose what suits me here too) and pretend accepting the others, I believe in democracy to a certain level, I believe in gender supremacy, I believe I’m right, I believe you’re wrong, I believe I will go straight to heaven, I believe you’ll go straight to hell. I believe I’m not schizophrenic, I’m just ahead of you.

I’m way ahead of you in designing the life of others, because I said so, and no one dared to stand and say: NO!


  1. impressing , yet you see just one side , but on this side i agree !

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